Thursday, 25 MAY 19:00 - 22:00
The theme for this month’s show is NO REGRETS. We would hate for you to regret missing this StorySLAM and the uncompromising candid stories people tell in under five minutes. But there’s more reasons to RSVP than an awesome open-mic storytelling competition.

For example, Claudia, was moved to post her impressions on LinkedIn:
“... the theme of the night was “Moment Of Truth.” We all had to share a short story for a minute or two about a moment of truth in our lives. And what happened next was POWERFUL.

Every one of us travelled back to a moment that made an impact in our lives or a realisation we had, and it seemed like we were shedding layer after layer to reveal the stories we told. Each of us had a unique story to share, yet the outcomes and lessons learned from some of those stories were surprisingly similar. There were also some other longer powerful stories told by different people (some prepared and others impromptu).

It was so amazing to feel connected on such a deep level in just one evening. In less than two hours I went from grumpy, to surprised, to connected, to feeling heard and happy!
When was the last time you had all those feelings in just one night?”

— Excerpt w/ permission from a post by Claudia Molina Kramer. Thanks Claudia ❤️
L200 Event Space Langstrasse 200, 8005 Zurich

Theme of the night:
19:00 Doors open*
19:30 Introductions & Warm Up
20:00 storySLAM** Part ONE
21:00 storySLAM** Part TWO
21:45 Voting and award best storySLAM of the night
22:00 Chill and Goodbyes

* Tickets CHF15 at the door on a first come basis. Seating is limited. Cash or TWINT.

** StorySLAM stories are to be under 5 minutes and true, as recalled by the storyteller. Names of those who wish to tell a story are put in the StorySLAM hat and drawn to see who goes first second .. until we run out of time. The night’s best StorySLAM is selected by the audience.
  1. Define a character (probably yourself;-) How were you feeling at that moment? Confident, lonely, conflicted, anxious, stressed, in lust or love?
  2. Where are you? Home, work, sunset, on the street, hotel, hiking in the mountains?
  3. What’s at stake? Career, security, peace of mind, redemption, future happiness?
  4. What was the crisis or conflict that triggered that moment for you?
  5. How did it work out? Did it make you happy, joyful, and peaceful or are you sad, resentful, and filled with remorse? Bring us full circle and share your beautiful truth as you are now.
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L200, Langstrasse 200, 8005 Zurich
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