Welcome to Zurich Storytellers
ZURICH STORYTELLERS is a non-profit organization producing storytelling events and workshops for our story loving community. Because we believe stories matter. They shape the way we perceive ourselves, our causes, what’s at stake and whether others will care.

ZST live events are an intimate high-energy evening of 5-minute stories by people who have a passion and the desire to share authentic true stories with their hometown crowd. The stage is open to everyone, but our (very cool) L200 event space has limited seating - reserve yours now.

    Leveraging the power of storytelling to foster change through meaningful relationships. Ironically, in a world where everyone is digitally connected 24/7, alienation and isolation are endemic.
    Our live event progamme varies but generally includes introducing ourselves with a warm up activity, a cameo by a Guest Storyteller and our main attraction, the StorySLAM.
    The ZST StorySLAM is an open-mic storytelling competition. Anyone with a true story to share on the night’s theme is welcome. All stories must be 5 minutes or less and true, as recalled by the storyteller.
Our events
Upcoming event
StorySlam, 28 Sept
Theme of the night "Second Chances"
Past event
StorySlam, 29 June
Theme of the night "Calm before storm"
Past event
StorySlam, 25 May
Theme of the night "No Regrets"
Past event
StorySlam, 27 Apr
Theme of the night "Moment of Truth"
Past event
StorySlam, 30 Mar
Theme of the night "Born to be wild"
Past event
Workshop, 18 March
Learn how to LEAD WITH A STORY
Past event
StorySlam, 23 Feb
Theme of the night "Belonging"
Past event
StorySlam, 26 Jan
Theme of the night "Believe it or not"
Past event
StorySLAM, 20 Oct
Theme of the night "The things we carry"
Why storytelling community is for you?
By sharing stories we connect to each other in a more meaningful way
Boost public
Practice your storytelling skills in a safe and fun environment with like-minded storytellers
Get feedback from the audience and storytelling experts
Get to enjoy lots of beautiful stories scripted by life itself
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