Thursday 22 September from 19:00 - 21:30
Zurich Storytellers (ZST) is proud to invite you to its bold new season’s kickoff event. The theme of the night is NOW OR NEVER. We conceive it as an ultimatum, a consequence and a purposeful challenge for revitalizing our storytelling community.

And yes, who can forget Bon Jovi’s, “Its My Life” with the haunting refrain:
It's my life
It's now or never
But I ain't gonna live forever
I just want to live while I'm alive
(It's my life)

Relationships matter. They allow us to connect and express our points of view, our problems, our solutions.
Stories matter. They shape the way we perceive ourselves, our causes, what’s at stake and whether others will care.
Therefore, we shamelessly challenge you: NOW OR NEVER to effect meaningful change - by sharing one story at a time, either live on stage or 1-to-1 during the event’s intermission with like-minded attendees.

L200 Event Space Langstrasse 200, 8005 Zurich

Theme of the night: NOW OR NEVER
19:00 Doors open*
19:30 Introductions & Warmup Activity
19:45 StorySLAM** Part ONE
20:45 StorySLAM** Part TWO
21:30 Final announcements

* Tickets CHF12 at the door on a first come basis. Seating is limited. Cash or TWINT.

** StorySLAM stories are to be under 5 minutes and true, as recalled by the storyteller. Names of those who wish to tell a story are put in the StorySLAM hat and drawn to see who goes first second third etc. Judges from the audience will score them to select the night’s best StorySLAMMER
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Our New Location
L200, Langstrasse 200, 8005 Zurich
L200 is our new storytelling event’s main stage. This cool space in the colorful heart of Zurich is run by the non-profit L200 Association, with 100% voluntary work. More than 200 local people and organizations are L200 members using the space for workshops, social events, pop-up shops, exhibitions, courses, film screenings, concerts, promotions, studio, live streaming and more.
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