Thursday 24 novermber from 19:00 - 21:30

We’re OVER THE MOON after October’s storySLAM where 9 storytellers took the stage and touched us with their stories. There was laughter, there were tears, there was empathy for an Afghan Hound too clever for his own good. And a shamelessly naked cycling true tale that made us shake our heads in equal parts amusement and disbelief.

But something else happened that we've never seen before. Some stories were so moving, they caused a chain reaction. As names were drawn from the storySLAM hat, the next storytellers spontaneously altered their prepared story to incorporate elements of previous stories - and the next did the same. Unscripted, unplugged, it was amazing!

"Ohh .. the only thing to do is jump over the moon" (crooned the cow)

from the Broadway musical Rent.

The night’s theme, OVER THE MOON, implies exhilaration, euphoria or losing your mind because something or someone made you FEEL SO GOOD!
Other meanings for this odd idiom are ecstatic, thrilled, elated, exuberant, besides oneself, and jumping for joy. Personally, the phrase reminds me of a teenage love when a girl showed me how to French kiss for the first time. What comes to your mind? Come share with us what sent you OVER THE MOON.

L200 Event Space Langstrasse 200, 8005 Zurich

Theme of the night: OVER THE MOON

19:00 Doors open*
19:30 Introductions & Warmup Activity
19:45 storySLAM** Part ONE
20:45 storySLAM** Part TWO
21:15 Announcements and award best storySLAM of the night
21:30 Chill w/ fellow storytellers
22:00 Goodbyes

* Tickets CHF12 at the door on a first come basis. Cash or TWINT.
** storySLAM stories are to be under 5 minutes and true, as recalled by the storyteller. Names of those who wish to tell a story are put in the storySLAM hat and drawn to see who goes first second third etc. Judges from the audience will score them to select the night’s best storyteller.

We’re also OVER THE MOON about L200, our intimate event space and are proud to be the non-profit association’s newest member. But the L200 Association is in danger of closing if it cannot pay the modest rent owed the city of Zurich and needs our support.
So we're asking our members to help by bringing yourself and a friend to enjoy a unique storySLAM evening - and telling others to check out Zurich’s only live stage storytelling experience. If you can't make it in person, please consider a donation to our organization.
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Our New Location
L200, Langstrasse 200, 8005 Zurich
L200 is our new storytelling event’s main stage. This cool space in the colorful heart of Zurich is run by the non-profit L200 Association, with 100% voluntary work. More than 200 local people and organizations are L200 members using the space for workshops, social events, pop-up shops, exhibitions, courses, film screenings, concerts, promotions, studio, live streaming and more.
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