Thursday, 28 SEPT 19:00 - 22:00

September marks the beginning of the second half of our 2023 season. To celebrate, we’re offering everyone in our Zurich Storytellers community a SECOND CHANCE to participate in our next StorySLAM — on stage sharing a true story, or part of the audience who votes for the best storyteller of the night.

“ .. if you never get a second chance at something you didn’t take a first chance at it.” - C. JoyBell C.


We’ve all needed a SECOND CHANCE at one time or another in this odyssey we call life. What was yours? A love lost, then reborn, a business failure revived or a dead end job that miraculously led to a dream opportunity?

Let your mind roam: recall an occasion when a SECOND CHANCE rekindled belief in yourself or unbelievable possibilities.
L200 Event Space Langstrasse 200, 8005 Zurich

  1. Define a character (probably yourself;-) How were you feeling at that moment? Confident, lonely, conflicted, anxious, stressed, in lust or love?
  2. Where are you? Home, work, sunset, on the street, hotel, hiking in the mountains?
  3. What’s at stake? Career, security, peace of mind, redemption, future happiness?
  4. What was the crisis or conflict that triggered that moment for you?
  5. How did it work out? Did it make you happy, joyful, and peaceful or are you sad, resentful, and filled with remorse? Bring us full circle and share your beautiful truth as you are now.
Theme of the night:
19:00 Doors open*
19:30 Introductions & Warm Up
20:00 storySLAM** Part ONE
21:00 storySLAM** Part TWO
21:45 Voting and award best storySLAM of the night
22:00 Chill and Goodbyes

* Tickets CHF15 at the door on a first come basis. Seating is limited. Cash or TWINT.

** StorySLAM stories are to be under 5 minutes and true, as recalled by the storyteller. Names of those who wish to tell a story are put in the StorySLAM hat and drawn to see who goes first second .. until we run out of time. The night’s best storySLAM is selected by the audience.
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Our Location
L200, Langstrasse 200, 8005 Zurich
L200 is our new storytelling event’s main stage. This cool space in the colorful heart of Zurich is run by the non-profit L200 Association, with 100% voluntary work. More than 200 local people and organizations are L200 members using the space for workshops, social events, pop-up shops, exhibitions, courses, film screenings, concerts, promotions, studio, live streaming and more.
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