Thursday 15 September from 19:00 - 20:15
Story Building Q&A Zoom Call w/ Joel Blom
Interactive Story Building Q&A - one week before in-person StorySLAM events.

Members who want to learn (more) about the art and craft of story creation. It’s an opportunity to get answers and discuss story building so you can confidently share a story on stage at an upcoming ZST event - or bring a smile to the faces of friends, family or colleagues.

Featuring discussions on:
  • What makes for a compelling story?
  • The 3 essential elements every good story needs
  • How to shape a story to fit a theme or specific purpose
  • 3 simple story structures you can learn in 10 minutes or less
It’s also an opportunity to get unbiased feedback to your storyline concepts.

Hosted by ZST co-hosts, our FREE online events are open to all members of ZST community. Everyone is welcome to ask anything that is keeping you from fully participating in a live StorySLAM event.
Zoom webinar

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