Storytelling workshop
Sat. 18 Nov in Zurich

Upskill to learn and tell powerful personal narratives in business and life
Become a better storyteller in 4 hours. Excite. Captivate. Attract followers. Entertain friends. Gain confidence. Shape the debate. Hold your space.
Enroll to learn and practice the art of personal storytelling.

Who is this workshop for?
YOU! if you identify with one of the following cohorts:
  • Explorers
    Who want to mine past discoveries for gold and continue seeking new ways of sharing them
  • Influencers
    Who want to amplify their impact, grow followers and move people into action
  • Dreamers
    Who desire to storify aspirations and crazy ideas to be heard and appreciated
  • Builders
    Who need to clarify their message to gain traction for their vision and future success
What previous participants say about the workshop
I loved that we had to get up on stage
There was a good balance between theoretical input and immediate application of said inputs. Also I appreciated the guest speaker from Google. The group size was ideal and I loved that we had to get up on stage in the end to get the full experience.
Supportive environment
#Supportive & friendly environment; #Combination of theory & practice; # It’s easy to speak up in an environment where we can trust the people around.
Detailed coaching
I liked the detailed coaching on how to improve the story.
What return will your 4-hour investment deliver?
Come away with improved storytelling skills by creating and telling a new personal narrative that showcases your achievement.
  • Insight and Practice
    • Leveraging our human need for understanding the “WHY?”
    • Shaping a story to fit your purpose with different audiences
    • Immediate feedback to iterate and test how well it lands
  • Tools and Pro Tips
    • Beginner to advanced narrative templates for story design
    • Critical components of a story and how to arrange them
    • Deconstructing popular story examples from TV, film and podcasts
  • Bonus content includes
    • Slides from the workshop and bibliography of storycrafting sources
    • One-to-one personal coaching by Maria and Joel
    • Video recording telling your new story on stage
  • Real stage experience
    • For a memorable finale, you’ll present your story, mic in hand, on stage to fellow workshop participants as a dress rehearsal for an upcoming open-mic StorySlam. How cool is that?
  • CHF 249

    Workshop fee inclusive all materials and video
  • 4 hours

    To improve and practice your story skills
  • 8 people max

    To ensure time for personal coaching and story development
  • Unlimited

    Opportunity to upskill and stretch your comfort zone
18 Nov, 10am - 2pm
10:00 - 11:15
10:00 - 11:15
Module 1: The 5 Archetypes of Masterful Storytelling
  • Love
  • Revenge
  • Stranger in a Strange Land
  • Rags to Riches
  • Holy Grail
Exercise: Applying the 5 Archetypes

Module Two: Finding Your Story - sources and inspiration
  • Story Cycles: Campbell, Harmon, Vogler
  • The Five Story Elements
Exercise: First Draft Outline

11:15 - 11:30
11:15 - 11:30
Short coffee break
11:30 - 13:00
11:30 - 13:00

Module Three: Story Craft
  • Framing Your Story’s Purpose
  • Structuring Narrative Arcs
  • Emotional Payoffs
Exercise: Testing Assumptions

Module Four: Story Practice
  • Iterate 2nd Draft
  • What The Audience Heard
  • Stage presence tips for telling your story.

Module Five: The Power of Audience-Centered Speaking
  • How Do You Know What Your Audience Heard?
  • TEN qualities that make a presenter GREAT
  • Exercise: Final Practice Round - feedback from peers - does it land?
13:00 - 14:00
13:00 - 14:00

  • Draw names from the story-sorting hat
  • Participants’ 5-min StorySLAM on stage
  • Kudos for our accomplishments
Wrap up and goodbyes
Meet the hosts
Joel Blom and Maria Barikhina, professional storytellers and the organizers of Zurich Storyteller shows, are excited to bring you this 4 hour workshop in applying the art of storytelling. Discover and practice telling good stories to demonstrate your leadership at work, at the pub or in any situation where you want to make an impact and shine.

You can find Maria and Joel performing StorySLAMs on stage every last Thursday of the month at Zurich Storytellers events.

Joel Blom
From 2004-2010, Joel designed and evolved a strategic story that persuaded the toughest audience in the free world, institutional Swiss investors, to buy-in to his employer’s IPO. The market valued the startup’s story that day at CHF 60m. The company and its charismatic CEO have never looked back.

Joel can’t promise your next story will make you a millionaire. But he does promise to reveal the secrets of what makes a story land, stick and make listeners care.
Maria Barikhina
A professional marketer with 10 years of experience, Maria is passionate about storytelling, branding and writing. Maria's professional purpose is to help people get inspired by the brands she works with. She helped multiple companies in Switzerland and abroad scale and target new markets by telling compelling stories.

Maria is a believer that every person is doing marketing every day by telling their stories. Learning to love your own story and tell it right is the skill that will help you establish better connections and be recognised.

Reserve your spot
To guarantee your seat, fill out the form and complete the payment*.
Reservations will be confirmed upon receipt of payment to Joel Blom
TWINT: +41 79 703 80 03
IBAN: CH040020620635383140A
Deadline: Wednesday 15 Nov 2023

*If you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your fee.
Our Location

Our events are held at L200, Langstrasse 200, 8005 Zurich

L200 is our new storytelling event’s main stage. This cool space in the colorful heart of Zurich is run by the non-profit L200 Association, with 100% voluntary work. More than 200 local people and organizations are L200 members using the space for workshops, social events, pop-up shops, exhibitions, courses, film screenings, concerts, promotions, studio, live streaming and more.

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